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Don’t Be Wrong-footed By HR Slip-ups

Complaint form

HR slip-ups are costly. No matter how stringent the HR processes you can never completely avoid the risk of claims against your company by employees.

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Tough economic times can raise workplace friction



The owners and managers of businesses must sometimes wonder about the number of risks they will need to deal with as they begin another working day. No matter how big or small the business, the financial exposures they personally face as a result of something going wrong are vast. Leaving aside the physical risks such as fire or accident, the exposures related to the management of the business itself are an everyday fact of life.

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Don’t be beaten by workplace bullying



New anti-bullying laws may not yet have resulted in the claims influx some insurance companies were anticipating, but there’s no doubt they could still leave the unprepared business owner in a bit of strife.

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