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Business interruption insurance – what is it and why do you need it?

Business owners face risks every day, many of these arising out of unforeseeable circumstances. That’s just life, we experience the unexpected.

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Why you still need your insurance broker

‘Do-it-yourself’ business-owners now have a raft of information at their fingertips, and many assume that cutting out their insurance broker would cut down costs. They could not be more wrong.

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Why your premiums are going down

This edition of Adroitness has been brought to you by Bernadette Vanderwolde and Damon Edwards of our Doncaster and Ballarat branches respectively. They teamed up to provide this great overview of the cyclical nature of our industry and how recent events might just have led to reduced premiums and extra money in your pocket!

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What pushes premiums up and down?


The insurance industry can be confusing to the layman. When other industries are doing it hard, it can make big profits; but at the same time, it raises and drops premiums for reasons that sometimes don’t seem to make a lot of sense.

But that’s not necessarily always the case. It’s an industry governed by risk, capital and competition, and all three can affect each other in a number of ways.

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