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Adroit sets the pace in Ballarat

RUN BALLARAT 2016-2755

At Adroit, our commitment to making a difference in the local communities in which we operate is a core part of our organisation and values.

Recently, our Ballarat Branch was awarded the top prize in the Professional Service category at the Ballarat Business Excellence Awards. Being recognised by our community is certainly a great honour, second only to collaborating with groups like Run Australia.

“We endeavour to make a difference by consciously giving of ourselves, our time and our resources. Our endeavours in co-organising Run Ballarat helps to fund the redevelopment of the Children’s Ward of the local Public Hospital and in turn, provides an asset which brings security and surety for future generations.” – Damon Edwards – Managing Principal of Adroit Insurance Group, Ballarat

Being involved in the local community is truly a rewarding experience and we continually seek opportunities where possible to do so – such as continued involvement with Run Ballarat.

More than just a “fun run”, Run Ballarat has made a significant contribution to the Children’s Ward at Ballarat Base Hospital since 2012. Our continued involvement sees a five-year commitment to support the much-needed redevelopment of the Paediatric and Adolescent Unit. The redeveloped space will include extra beds, updated technology, and additional support services with a commitment from Run Ballarat to fund half of the project.

How can you get involved? With a range of fun runs for both adults and children, there’s something for everyone! If strapping on the sneakers yourself isn’t an appealing option, there are plenty of other ways to support the event on Sunday 22nd October. Get involved by heading to the Run Australia website to view other volunteer opportunities or to donate: http://runaustralia.com.au/location/ballarat/

With great anticipation, we look forward to 2018, when the new facility will open its doors.

We hope to see you there!

What does an insurance broker do?

photo-1425421669292-0c3da3b8f529You know you need insurance, whether it’s for personal or business purposes. It’s a fact of life – you simply cannot predict what’s going to happen or eliminate all risk. But going to an insurance provider on your own and wading through all of the available products can be daunting.

“Insurance policies are generally written by lawyers, who are trying to cover all bases and all situations which can become very long winded and confusing for the average person to read. I’ve worked in the industry for 30 years and still know people who don’t completely understand policies, so no average consumer would stand a chance,” says Albury/Wodonga Branch Manager Michael Myers.  An insurance broker takes on this challenge for you, by finding tailored policies and packages for your needs.

An insurance broker can help in many ways. Aside from ensuring your policy is specifically designed for your needs, a broker can help you assess what those needs and risks are, assist you with insurance documentation and act as an agent on your behalf through any claim settlements made under your insurance – just to name a few benefits.

Why should I use an insurance broker?

As insurance brokers have access to a broad spectrum of policies and packages and deal with a range of insurance providers directly, sometimes brokers can access policies you may not otherwise be able to find. Even without that access there are a huge number of policies out there to choose from, which can be difficult to sort through on your own.

Using a broker means having someone on your side to do the hard work for you, saving yourself valuable time. They will assess your needs and risks, then find the appropriate packages for those needs and present them to you. They will walk you through the finer details, making sure you understand everything you will be covered for. While your insurance policy certainly isn’t something you want to cut corners on, a broker can help make sure you have the best possible rates without compromising any coverage.

How is using a broker different than going to different providers myself?

Sure, you could visit different providers on your own and evaluate the different packages presented to you. However, that’s going to take a lot of time and effort on your part. A broker knows these products already, and will be able to go through them quickly while ensuring you aren’t missing out on any crucial coverage.

Alongside that, the biggest advantage to having a broker on your side is the ongoing relationship you’ll develop. Periodically, you and your broker will be able to hold policy ‘health checks’ to make sure your policies are still meeting the needs you had initially.

Damon Edwards, the general manager of our Ballarat location puts it like this, “Risks evolve around changing society and changing workplaces, and so too should the insurance packages. It’s a common misconception that insurance policies are something you just set and forget – this is something you should constantly be reviewing in conjunction with your broker.”

In short, using a broker means having someone in your corner who knows your risks and coverage when you need them to.


Managing workplace culture in a litigious world



Several decades ago, businesses weren’t held as accountable for their actions and the environment they provide for their staff. Since then, work environments have drastically improved, but the consequences of unfavourable situations do hold significantly more weight. Whether it’s a relationship issue, an environmental conflict or perceived negligence, the risk of litigation means businesses need to take extra precautions to keep themselves safe.

Consider the following to help your business avoid a worst-case scenario.

Recruit carefully and purposefully

Many businesses don’t invest enough time and effort into recruitment. It’s important to put just as much thought into your office culture as how good someone looks on paper. Creating a nurturing culture for your staff and ensuring there are easily accessible human resources available creates an environment employees are comfortable in – and therefore do their best work in. To mitigate the rise of office disputes and disruptions to your carefully curated environment, scout individuals who work well with your staff and make sure to discuss personality with their referees.
Ballarat branch manager Damon Edwards explains why relationships at work are so important in today’s litigious society. “We’re seeing more and more claims in the management liability space – claims against the company and individual directors, whilst they are fulfilling their roles as company executives. Things like statutory fines and penalties are imposed – for example, say an employee filed a claim of bullying in the workplace. Work Cover would come in to investigate, and if it’s found that the entity hasn’t provided a safe work place, fines could be imposed.”

Create a positive work environment

While you don’t necessarily have to create a Google style culture, it’s important to cultivate an environment where employees are comfortable and happy. One part of doing this is ensuring your staff has easy access to human resources and knows there are processes in place protecting them as well as the company. This encourages an open door for staff to speak up if they’re uncomfortable or having problems, and therefore makes it more likely you’ll be able to handle things internally. Having these processes in place is key to being able to address internal issues correctly and avoiding potential litigation down the line.

 Stay Involved

By being involved with your staff and staying on top of what’s happening in the office, you can nip potential problems in the bud. Internal situations tend to have warning signs before they escalate and can be defused quite easily given the right attention. Speaking to the employees involved or implementing new procedures as necessary can be the difference between a simple conversation and litigation.


“Insurance exposure is one of the biggest threats facing modern businesses. Employees are probably one of the biggest risks businesses take, in the sense that they can bring with them work cover claims, wrongful dismissal claims, bullying or harassment claims…all of these things are realities employers have to be prepared for. The best thing to do to avoid these situations is to employ the right people at the start. Not just hiring those who have the right qualifications, but ensuring they fit within the dynamics of a business is crucial,” says Justin Schembri, our Traralgon Branch Manager.


While you can never completely remove the risk of litigation, there are steps to be taken to prevent it, including having a comprehensive insurance plan in place. Covering all your bases will let you rest easy knowing you have safeguards in place. For more tips, download our management liability essentials guide.


Regional Victoria – Growing and Evolving


A strong Victoria needs strong regions. The core of our business lies in regional Victoria, so we’re heavily invested in the whole of the state, far beyond the urban centre of Melbourne. At the end of the day, regional success translates into success and prosperity for all Victorians.

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