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Not for Profit Entities – the Risks YOU Face!

not for profit

There are many misconceptions around about the cover afforded to not for profits under the Limited liability provisions of an incorporated body. The reality is that you hold the same responsibilities at law as a director of a publicly listed company and your personal assets may be at risk.

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Retirees Are Not Necessarily Free From Liability


This article originally featured on the Ansvar Insurance blog

Once I retire from directorship, I’m no longer liable.

If you think that once you retire from a directorship, or resign from a position on a board that you are no longer liable for claims brought against your former organisation – think again.

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Risks Associated with Using Volunteers


This article originally featured on the Ansvar Insurance blog

A retired electrician volunteered at a local childcare centre’s working bee on the weekend. While on a ladder sanding down walls, he fell and injured his shoulder and back.

Despite surgery and extensive rehabilitation, he continues to suffer constant low level pain years afterwards, and hasn’t regained full use of his arm since the incident.

He subsequently sued the childcare centre for negligence in failing to properly assess the risks and devise a safe method of work. He also claims the equipment was unsafe, especially the ladder.

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